Chris finished up his bacon this weekend. We had got a half of a pig a few weeks ago, and last weekend Chris took half of the belly and cured it. He put it into a vacuum sealed bag in the fridge for the week. He had to flip it over ever other day. Then on Thursday he took it out and rinsed it off.

Yesterday we had friends over and he put the bacon into the oven for a few hours so that it could cook. When you pull it out and it’s still hot, you have to remove the skin layer. At that point it really does look like a huge slab of bacon. He cut a few pieces off and cooked them in a skillet. They were thick cut and crispy and the best bacon I’ve ever had.

I can’t believe that making bacon is so simple. It seems like something so delicious would be incredibly difficult. Tonight we made pizza with bacon crumbles on top and it was fantastic.

If you have a hankering to you make your own bacon as well, I definitely suggest getting the Charcuterie book that Chris has. We still have another section of pork belly left and I think next time he’s going to put local maple syrup in with the cure so that we will have sweet, maple bacon.


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