>Hold Onto Your Hats


Wow, last week was a doozie. I’m glad it’s over. I had too much on my plate and I was not a pleasant person. I have no clue how I worked over 40 hours a week on my feet for 3 years. I worked about 25-30 on my feet last week and felt like I was going to die. I love being a barista, but last week reminded me of why I can’t do it full time. I start getting cranky, and everything annoys me.

This week should be better. I have two days off, and just a PTA meeting at night. Plus, the weather is getting really nice, and it’s making me feel more excited and motivated.

I was even able to get a few things taken care of this weekend that I had been meaning to do for months. I organized all of my gardening and painting stuff on my front porch. I also cleaned out my underwear drawers. Working at CK I ended up with way too many pairs and needed to reduce my supply.

I finally updated the blog (and I still have more to come this week), but I did no reading or crafting. I was just too exhausted to even care. I think I’m going to work on a springtime hat tonight. There’s a sale at Joanne’s this week and I have coupons so tomorrow I’m going to get some fabric and yarn.

I think this week I’m going to take an empty box and fill it with all of the clothes that no longer fit me. I need to donate them, because they are taking up room in my closet and I’m not going to pretend like they are suddenly going to fit. Having tons of clothes that are simply too small is just depressing.

Well, that about does it for tonight. I’m going to load up my client’s Twitter account with posts for tomorrow so that I’m not so stressed when I get home. I’ll be at Jack’s school tomorrow helping out with a BOGO book fair. Plus I have to go to the chiro, and that’s always nice and relaxing. It’ll be so good to just have a day to relax a bit. Plus Friday I may walk around Saratoga with HMF and take photos with my super cool, old, SLR cameras. Yay for spring!!!


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