>Speaking of hats….


Today I whipped up a puff stitch hat….and I’m not super pleased. This is the pattern I used and I must say that if you are a beginner to crochet, you could get confused. There’s no chart (I love crochet charts because I’m a hardcore visual learner) and the wording is a little screwy in some places. Thankfully, I’ve made enough hats that I could figure out what she was getting at, and the pattern itself isn’t hard at all.

The problem I ran into is that it’s not slouchy enough. I used Vanna’s Choice, and I know that she mentions the extra round for increasing but I didn’t end up doing it. Here was my reasoning behind that: she used a size J hook and the yarn I have suggests a size J hook. I am not one to gauge anything (I’m super lazy) so I just figured that with the J hook it would work out anyway. I might add that my head might be bigger than hers too. It just doesn’t sit as loose on my head, I feel like it looks more like an Amish headcover than a cute slouchy hat.

Sadly I don’t have enough of the yarn left to completely do another in the same color, but I do have other colors of the Vanna’s Choice and I want to redo it. I’m going to use a size K hook, add in the extra round and also reduce the amounts single crochet rows at the very end. I feel like that band could be more narrow, at least for my head.

I must say that the girl who posted the pattern is so stinking beautiful, it kills me. Sheesh.


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