>I took a good thing…and made it RAD!

>Ok, so my deodorant has been going strong, and I’m very happy about that. Chris asked me the other day to make him some, since he used up the rest of his regular stuff. I never thought in a million years he would want homemade deodorant, but this was a pleasant surprise.

I whipped up a batch for him, but did it slightly different this time. First, I took a mason jar and added the coconut oil. I put it into the micro for about 20 seconds, just so it would get melty but not hot. Then I began to add equal parts baking soda and cornstarch until it was the consistency that I wanted. It needs to be like a gloppy paste to do what I did next.

I took our old roll-up deodorant containers and twisted them almost all the way to the top, and began to spoon in the deodorant mixture. I kept rolling the inside down and tapping it onto the counter to let everything settle. Once they were full, I put the tops on them and stuck them in the fridge to harden up.

Chris ended up with Tea Tree Oil in his batch and I made a little more for myself with the Lavender EO in it. Our house isn’t warm enough right now to warrant the constant use of the fridge to store the deodorant, but this summer it might be different. I would say though, that when you apply, you can only do a few swipes on each pit, or else your body heats it up too much and it starts to kind of ooze out over the sides.


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