>My Sneaky Smoothie


Spinach is in abundance right now at the farm. It’s cheap at the market (3 bags for $8), so I’ve been buying a lot of it. I use it for salad and our lasagna, but I knew I needed to slip it into other things or we’d never use it all in time, and it would go bad.

This morning I made myself a smoothie, and decided to sneak some spinach in there. I’m sure some of you will be curling your lips while others knowingly nod, but let me just say that you simply cannot taste it in there at all. I’m sure those who have done this will attest to it as well.

Spinach is super healthy, but unless it’s in an omelette, I never think about eating it in the morning. I know I need to increase my ratio of healthy stuff (to balance out the obscene amounts of Girl Scout cookies I’ve been eating), so I knew this would be a great way to do it.

I ended up getting to use raw milk (because we have it again!), protein powder, local blueberries (that we picked last summer), local spinach and local honey. The only things (beside the protein powder) that weren’t local were the frozen strawberries, the wheat germ, and the ground flax seed.

It was so tasty I think I’m going to have one tomorrow as well.


2 thoughts on “>My Sneaky Smoothie

  1. fitncrafty

    >I love my spinach smoothies… you can also freeze the spinach to put into smoothies too.. that way it wont go bad and it works great for smoothies.. Yummy….


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