>Hey That’s My Bike

>For starters, if you get what the title of this post is referencing, you are super amazingly awesome.
Next, I finally got a used bike. Well, I put $20 on it and we are going to pick it up tomorrow. Couldn’t really get it home with the dog in the backseat today.
It’s more than I planned on spending but to be fair, it’s in great condition and it’s from the 50s. I will be taking plenty of pics this weekend while I’m riding it all over town.
I’m also going to be buying tons of fab bike accessories at Target tomorrow. I need a basket (maybe an extra one for the back too), a bell, perhaps some streamers for the handlebars. I’ll need a lock, a helmet (which I will promptly cover with stickers), and new tires. Oh, and a pump.

Did you know that I’m actually a 12 year old? Because I am. I’m way too excited about this, clearly.


2 thoughts on “>Hey That’s My Bike

  1. Jozette

    >No way, not to excited!!! I love, love riding around my hometown of San Antonio, thrills me so, so much. Very happy that you are getting a "new" bike. Happy safe travels and don't mind the ass holes who get all righteous on you, And don't forget your the only one looking out for yourself. Get a u lock with a key, not the round 'key' a Bic pen will unlock the round type key holes, this was demonstrated successfully right in front of my eyes. P.S. I thought by the title you had caught someone riding on a bike that had been stolen from you,,, wish I was that good.


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