>I Need To Focus….Oooh is that something shiny??

>I have so many things that I want to do, but I’m terrible about organizing these thoughts and plans. Most of them center around making things and I can’t force that upon myself. When I do then it becomes a chore and not something I love. Sadly, two things I’ve made lately sort of suck. Hat patterns that I followed to the letter that were just full of fail. I did make a birthday present for a friend that I’m really happy with though. Now I just need to sit down and make a few more.

There is also the matter of figuring out what I want to write for my ebook/book. I keep putting it off because I really need to formulate an outline and then just get going on it. A big thing that stalls me out is the fact that I need to do tutorials and take photos along the way. Sure, sure, this isn’t difficult, but I’m a mess when I work on something. For example, when I sew, I don’t always do things the “proper” way. I have stuff all over my sewing room and I fear that my explanations will be confusing. I need to just get over it.

I have to finish it before the end of the year. If I don’t I will be very disappointed in myself.


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