>What to do (and not to do) with nutritional yeast.


Recently I picked up some nutritional yeast from my local HFS to help increase my B Vitamins and also because I heard that it can help curb sugar cravings.

The other night I sprinkled it onto my tuna casserole and things were fine. Tonight I sprinkled it onto my popcorn….also fine.

But, this morning was another story. I decided to add some of this to my smoothie. BIG FAIL!!! What should’ve tipped me off that this was a bad idea from the start, is the fact that I used to make a vegan nacho cheese dip with it. Anything that can double as faux cheese should not be considered a good “add-in” to your breakfast drink.

The smoothie was gross but I choked it down anyway. Tomorrow, I won’t be quite so foolish.


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