>New Dirt


A few weekends ago we made our own compost heap. I’ve been waiting to do this all winter. Finally the snow was gone, and the weather was warm, and it felt so good to be outside.

Jack helped me a lot, which was really nice. I had him scoop up the leaves that the village never picked up in the fall. They had been piled on the curb, then covered with snow, and since the snow was gone they were nice and damp. Chris had removed the insanely overgrown and dead looking hydrangea bush the day before, so we threw a bunch of that in there too. Next we shredded a newspaper and then we wet the top of the whole pile. Lastly, I took the dead tomato plants that were still in their plastic pots from last year and dumped them on top.

I hammered in the tall stakes and Chris attached the roll of chicken wire around the whole thing. Since then we’ve added some kitchen scraps and now I keep a covered container on our counter to fill with kitchen scraps, then dump it on the pile every few days. I have to turn it every week or so, but that will be easy.

I may not be able to use much of it for planting this year, but next season I should have a ton of amazing compost.


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