>God I Hope I Get It!


Last night I went to recruitment…for roller derby. Let me just say, I’ve wanted to do this for years, but haven’t have been able to until now. Before I wanted to join the Jet City Rollergirls in Everett, WA but I was super busy at work, Chris was deployed and it was a lot of money that we really didn’t need to be spending on stuff like this.

Now, things a little less hectic and I can afford the gear and I’m ready for the challenge. I go the day after we get back from vacation to officially try out. I basically need to be able to skate in a mediocre way, which I am pretty sure I can pull off.

I feel confident that I can do this. I’m not even worried about getting hurt. I know it’ll happen, but I’ve made my peace with it. If I could hold my own in punk rock pits while in high school, I can certainly take a beating now without being a wuss.

This will also force me to exercise. This is a very good thing. I can waste waaaaay too much time online, which does nothing for my physically.

The funny thing is, I’ve always hated sports. I was always picked next to last in gym (the only other kids who were picked after me were the top level freaks, whereas I was a much lower level freak). I’ve never wanted anything to do with sports, although I am very competitive. The thing I love about derby is that it doesn’t seem like a sport to me, in the sense that it seems more like fun and an excuse to be crazy rather than something you are trying to get a trophy for. Plus, the girls look like real girls, not super trim athletes.

Well, fingers crossed. I guess I’ll know in a little over a week if I can do this.


4 thoughts on “>God I Hope I Get It!

  1. Jozette

    >Exciting!!!! Yay for you. Have you picked out your menacing rollergirl name yet? I haven't been to a derby in years, oh how fun it is to watch, you can feel the excitement in the air. I loved watching those girls do there thang, and you know when I would see them out and about, you could tell they were the coolest people, I look up to those girls, I guess you could say when they were around it was if I was sorta star struck, hee hee. I hope you get this chica!!

  2. Erika

    >Thanks ladies! My nickname (it's actually tattooed on my upper chest area) is "Hurricat" and I think I'll make my name "Ms. Hurricat." Thankfully it isn't taken by anyone on any derby teams, so I can use it. The girls here are so awesome, tomorrow is the tryout!


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