>Vacation Detox


Our vacation was awesome but we were eating like we were going to start hibernating. It was intense. I simply had to hit up all the necessary places while there, plus we went to a few good ones that I’d never been to.

The past 3 days we’ve been eating about 80% raw fruit and veg. Today I went to the gym. I weighed myself in the locker room. They have one of those old doctor scales and I just kept scooting that little weight further and further to the right! Not good at all.

I’m going to stick to the fruit and veg as much as possible going forward. It kills me at work where I’m surrounded by bagels and cream cheese because I just love them so much. Plus with derby, gardening, walking the dog, biking to work, hiking and canoeing…I’m pretty sure I’ll be burning some calories. I don’t even need to be svelte, I just need to not be mistaken for 3 months pregnant.

Really though, I knew this was coming. Winter was just full of too many home-baked goods and lavish brunches to not leave its sinister markings on my body.


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