>Yeah…about that….


Remember several weeks ago when I said that I would write down something every Friday that I was thankful for??? Yeah…well…yeah. Let’s just say with a vacation thrown in there followed by 3 weeks that have been insanely busy, it’s slipped my mind.

I should just point out that I am thankful for the hectic pace because it has brought some interesting opportunities, but I will be happy to take it down a notch in the upcoming weeks. I’m getting a little burnt out to be quite honest. It’s also made me a little resentful of things I usually like to do, such as sew.

DIY is awesome, it rocks, but when compiled with lots and lots of regular things, it can wear on a person to have so many “projects” going at once. It’s funny how I’ve become so accustomed to doing so many things for my family, that once other things creep in, I start to really get agitated.

I did get to help out at the Market today. It was so much fun. Today was the first day of the outdoor market and it was sunny and warm. Tons of people, which is a great sign, and lots of familiar faces. I was helping my neighbors with their food stand and it was so busy that we were frantic but had a great time.

Tomorrow will be busy too. We are going to a “Sheep to Shawl” event in town and then I have my first derby practice. I’m really excited for that. I would think I’d be nervous, but really I’m just so happy that I’m on the team, and I love my new gear, so it should be great.

Hard to believe we are approaching the halfway point of the year and it’s already been such a frantic pace. I look forward to a warm, moderately lazy summer.


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