>Row that boat, or canoe.

>Ok, I need to upload pics, we all know I suck at this though.

On Saturday we canoed down the Kayaderosseras Creek with two friends. We had an really great time. It was a great way to kick off canoe season. We went from Ballston Spa over to Lake Lonely. Overall we were out for about 5 hours.

We saw a beaver and three separate geese families with babies. Plus we drove a pair of ducks absolutely bonkers. I think they were convinced we were stalking them.

We went under two major roads and it’s funny because I never noticed the creek under there before. Now, when I drive over, I won’t be able to forget about the creek. It’s amazing how it’s so easy to take beautiful, incredible things for granted when you haven’t experienced them firsthand.

I feel a lot more confident about my outdoor skills now too. At points I had to do some maneuvers that I’m not used to and at one point I had to hop out and climb onto a log while Chris shoved the canoe over it. I should note that Chris said at one point “the spider is still on your oar” (this was after I noticed it on my own and tried to drown it-which I guess was unsuccessful) and without thinking I tossed it into the water. Fail. Clearly I still have room for improvement with the outdoor skills.

Now I’m excited to go out onto the lakes too. Hopefully we will get to go with HMF and her fam to have a picnic on the water this summer.

I promise I’ll get pics up soon!


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