>On working with flour and fabric.


I finally had some time to just get things done today that didn’t involve running errands and/or cleaning.

I went over to HMF’s house and got to mess with her sewing machine. I made the most gigantic baby blanket today, for a friend. It’s basically a regular sized blanket, but I just couldn’t resist. I feel like people end up with tons of tiny stuff right when they first have a baby, but as the kid grows they are left with nothing that the kid can keep using. Hopefully they can use it for years to come. Plus it can be doubled over for extra warmth in the frigid Brooklyn winter.

I read a little and then when Jack got home we baked. We made a restaurant (complete with a ‘time-out’ chair in case our patrons were naughty) and Jack helped me roll out tortillas. I used this recipe for them and doubled it because I like it so much. I made these before and Jack loved them.

I also made some more bread. I had to work on Mother’s Day (blech, I’m too nice) and was not in the mood to do anything when I got home, so Chris got some bread from a local bakery. Jack doesn’t like this bread. Normally something like this would piss me off because he’s picky enough anyway, but it made me happy to know that he likes my bread the best! Yes, I’m petty.

It was nice to just listen to music and hang with the kiddo and be productive in a fun way. We talked about different stuff and I helped him write up the menu for our restaurant.

If you plan on coming to our restaurant, and wish to bring your dog, you must bring its food and dish, because Jack is concerned we will have to use Hershey’s food, and then she’ll run out. Also, no cats or kittens are allowed. We also serve something that Jack calls “super punch” as one of our beverage selections. As far as I can tell, this is when you mix two flavors of juice together.

I should note that now that I can make bread, and have been doing it for awhile, I feel like people really don’t know what they are missing. Homemade bread just makes your house smell heavenly.


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