>Stackable Sawhorses


A few days ago Chris went to the lumber store and got some wood to make stackable sawhorses. He needed them so he can cut the shelves we bought a few months ago. The shelves will eventually go in our upstairs hall closet and above the washer downstairs. I plan to use them for excess food storage, such as the amazing stuff I’m going to be canning this summer.

He found the plans online and put them together the other night. He just needs to add the side pieces but will need my assistance to hold them while he drills. Jack watched him put them together and thought it was pretty cool. I’m glad they got to do this project together.

I think this is a great project for anyone, but especially those who are limited on space and want to do future building projects. We don’t have a garage or out-building or anything so these will be kept in our basement. It’s nice to know they will only take up a small space instead of being sprawled everywhere.


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