>Wow, that was a great dinner!


Tonight we went out with a few friends to The Beekman Street Bistro. Holy hell it was good. We ate like royalty. It probably helped that our dinner guests know the owner. We got free appetizers and desserts. Everything was just amazing.

We had salted radishes with butter, bread with olives, mussels, risotto with fiddleheads, a salad with toasted hazelnuts, pancetta wrapped rabbit, duck, homemade gnocchi, fabulous pizza, apple rhubarb pie, strawberries with fresh whipped cream, espresso and a local red wine.

They get a lot of their produce from Kilpatrick Family Farm. In fact, I had the same radishes on a salad for lunch today, made at my house, as I did at dinner. So now I’m definitely going to put salt and cold butter on the rest! It sounds a bit, odd but I promise it’s good.

Oh, and we got a bottle of homemade mead from one of our dinner guests. She works at an apiary and it’s been brewing for a year. She bottled it today and her brother made really cool labels for it. It’s delicious! I feel so stinkin’ lucky today.


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