>Everybody Loves a Tutu


A few weeks ago I made a tutu. I made one with some of the colors of our derby teams so that I could wear it to a bout. I haven’t worn it yet but I brought it to the last bout for another girl to look at.

A lot of the ladies liked it and I decided to make a couple more for costumes. This Sunday is the Albany Pride Parade and we are doing a Wizard of Oz theme. Three girls are going as the ballerina munchkins.

Jenny Rotten also wanted one so I made one just in EST colors and delivered all of them to practice last night.

I couldn’t find the exact tutorial I originally used, but this one is the same idea. They are so incredibly easy to make. I got yards of tulle off the bolt and then roughly cut them. My tutus came out a bit more raggety and punk rock looking than a lot of the tutorials of the ones meant for little girls.

So go make a tutu, put it on, and run errands in it. It will make your day 63% more awesome.


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