>The Terminator


That’s what I was today. I slaughtered a ton of these little black and red beetles that live on the outside of our house. They are called Boxelder Bugs. We had them last year too.

I sort of feel bad because they are kind of cute. When they walk they look like slow, old men. They don’t get into food, they don’t bite, they are pretty chill little bugs.

But here’s why I had to do what I did: There were freaking tons of them all on the front of our house. I don’t mind a few, but I don’t want to see massive clusters of bugs. I just don’t.

Chris figured out that soapy water is all you need to kill them. We have one of those pump sprayer things for bug spray and whatnot so I filled it up and started spraying. It really worked! I was impressed. No scary chemicals and I didn’t even have to spend any money.

DIY, yes. Friend to insects, no.


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