>Glad that’s done.


Today was my last day at work. I still may go back from time to time to help out, but for the most part, it was the last day.

The day started out poorly. I was tired and wanted to stay in bed, especially since it was overcast. I didn’t even want to go to work. I just wanted to have a relaxing day, maybe get things done around the house.

When I hopped on my bike to ride it to work, the front tire was flat. I figured riding the bike would calm me a bit. So I grabbed my stuff and headed to the car.

When I went into work it was nice and slow. I started cutting veggies and got myself some coffee. I was ready for a nice, slowish day with lots of snacking and coffee drinking. At about 9:15 (which was right after I got there) we got a bunch of boys from the high school and almost all wanted egg sandwiches. These are a pain in the ass to make. They all had those stupid sporty, drawstring backpacks on too. One kid even had his freaking head shaved in the back like Vanilla Ice. It didn’t slow down until 1:30. Literally no break in movement from 9:15 until 1:30. It was awful.

Thankfully there’s a wine store across the street. I got two boxes of wine after work, came home, sat down and started drinking. I’m too damn old to be a barista.


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