>Sundae on the Farm


On Father’s Day we went to Sundae on the Farm. This is an annual tradition where a local farm allows people to come on Father’s Day for free to tour their farm, enjoy pie and ice cream and shop from local vendors.

We drove in and got to park on part of the field. Just driving in made my brain whirl. There was so much land! I just wanted to run like crazy over the grass.

We got to walk through the barn first and see all the cows. I’m always astonished at how big they can be. It’s simply amazing to be right there next to them. They just remind me of big, sweet ladies.

Then we got to look at the sweet baby cows. I know that’s not technically what they are called but I can’t help it. Their eyes are so incredibly big and kind looking. A guy put his hand into their pen and one little one came over to suckle on his finger. I wanted to bring one home so bad. If I had a cow I’d pet it on that spot right between the eyes and tell it all about my day. Weird, I realize.

Then we got to learn about the farm’s history before enjoying pie and ice cream. We walked around and got to see familiar faces in the market area. It made me stand a little taller to realize that I know so many wonderful people in the local Ag community. It’s great when your dairy farmer asks you about your garden, since he’s the one who gave you your compost.

Before we left we were looking at some more cows that were eating outside. We needed to go but Jack couldn’t stop staring at them. I was walking away and calling to him when an older man stopped next to me, glanced at Jack, and then said, “He’s going to be a farmer someday.” I looked at that old farmer and said, “I sure hope so.” I smiled as Jack ran over to me. Truth be told, I could’ve sat there all day with Jack just looking at those cows. Someday.


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