>Day Two of the Homeschooling Experiment

>Let me give a little background: Jack just finished Kindergarten and I’ve toyed with the idea of homeschooling him for awhile. Chris originally wanted him to wait a year to start school, but on the advice of my mom, the teacher who did his screening, and the fact it meant I could again work and not pay for daycare, I decided to enroll him.

I’ll give Chris the credit and say I’m sure it wouldn’t have hurt for him to wait a year. That being said, he didn’t do horribly and he made great friends. I never thought in a million billion years I’d ever be someone who would even consider homeschooling. What made me think of it was Jack really. I think his personality and the way he learns jives really well with homeschooling/unschooling.

So, now that you know a little about this, let me continue.

I have decided that the next few months I will treat each day like the regular school year. So far, we are only on day two. I don’t have a curriculum, I’m just going off of what he’s interested in, mixed with fun activities.

Yesterday we learned about the planets. Jack wanted to learn “space science” so we found Kids Astronomy and learned about comets, planets, and the sun. Then I had him draw the solar system and label each thing. After that I wrote a few questions with “blanks” where he had to fill in the answers. He liked it and so did I. Then we got all the coins in the house, sorted, and counted them. We had $20! So we put the coins in a jar, I went and picked up my paychecks, and we headed to the bank so he could put the change into his savings account.

Today I had an appointment with my editor at the park which was nice. Jack got to play and then we watched Arctic Tale (for the second time today). The movie makes me sad but I enjoy it because it’s very educational. Tonight I read Jack a book about constellations that look like animals. I forgot to mention that we went to the library yesterday and got books about space.

Tomorrow we are going to an art class at the library with another mom who was at a homeschooling meeting that I went to a few months back. Then Jack and I are setting up the new tent in the yard and reading books in it.

I hope the rest of the summer goes well. I’m honestly a lot less stressed having him around and letting the day sort of flow. Ultimately, if he really wants to go back to school, I will respect that choice. I guess we’ll see….


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