>Ordinary Tuesdays

>I love Storycorps on NPR. As a disclaimer, if you have never listened, there’s a huge chance you will cry if you ever do. The stories are great and I’m incredibly glad that this project event exists.

The other day as I was driving I heard one about a gal named Lillie Love. She worked for Storycorps for some time, and recently passed away. She recorded a piece about how her plan for her life ended up completely changing and as an adult she decided to stop planning out how things would be, and just take whatever life had to offer.

At one point in the story she says, “I thank God for ordinary Tuesdays.” I really like that. As I get older I understand this more and more. I used to live for the late nights, the crazy stories, the exciting trips to new places. I still love these things, but I can appreciate ordinary Tuesdays now.

In fact, I sort of revel in them. A day of doing what could be considered mundane to most actually makes me feel fulfilled and accomplished. Ordinary is pretty darn decent.


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