>Our Trip To KFF


On Friday Jack and I got to go to Kilpatrick Family Farm. I think it’s very fitting that the word “family” is in the name, because it really is a family affair there. I mostly worked with two of the girls but they were so incredibly nice and hardworking, especially for their age. It’s amazing because all of the siblings are younger than me but they act like very intelligent adults.

We washed greens, picked swiss chard, bundled radishes, kale, and carrots. We got to pet baby goats and feed them grass. We saw pigs fighting over food, saw a frog that one of the girls found, saw caterpillars, and Jack saved two ladybugs from drowning in the washing tub.

I forgot to take pictures of the land nearby, but we will be back this week so I’ll do it then. It was stunning. It really didn’t look real. Green, rolling hills, so many trees, big blue sky. I wanted to lay a blanket down on the grass and take a nap.

I’m so excited to keep going back. I guess on Fridays someone makes desserts so I will be bringing two types of cookies this Friday. Everyone was so nice and patient with me and Jack, it was awesome. I’m incredibly lucky to have such a nice farmer.


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