>Time To Tighten Up


Chris and I are soft, doughy, chubby, lumpy. We both know that we need to do something about this. He and I did a a decent job when he was prepping for his PRT but we’ve slacked off since. It always goes a bit downhill when we start to get hectic with our schedules and I don’t have time to do as much prep as I would like. Or I am too tired to do anything and we order pizza.

This is doubly stupid because I still have pizza dough in the freezer that is homemade. I think I should pull it from the freezer to thaw and maybe we can have some for dinner tomorrow. I think I might do it cheeseless or with very little cheese. I have a small summer squash from the garden I can add. Plus I still have some other veg from our CSA share this week that I can add.

I’ll get it figured out though. We can do this. It’s time.


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