>RAIN and some garden blather

>I hear it outside. My garden (freshly weeded I should add) is very thankful.

Speaking of my garden…I picked 2 fatty cukes today. They are huge. Well, they were. Jack at one already, and the other is sitting on my counter, waiting to be put into a salad tomorrow. I think I’m going to plant more lettuce and then add in some radishes now.

On a sidenote….the man who runs the farm that was the first farm at the BSpa Farmer’s Market (still with me here?) is related to the lady who used to own our house. Two things are cool about this: The fact that everyone knows our house as “Mary’s House” (I really love that, it warms my heart) and that these people are awesome and have a farm! I feel like the cosmos have aligned or something.

Ok I should go to bed now. I’m looney.


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