>Funny Story


Ok so my last post was very brief and vague and mostly jotted down as a reminder to myself to write a longer post later about what I was thinking at the time. The funny thing is that right after I posted it, I was thinking how similar it was to some of the retardedly vague Facebook posts I see all the time that make me cringe. Even better was the fact that when Chris woke up and read it, the first thing he said was that it was just like one of those stupid posts. I chuckled and mentioned I had been thinking the same thing and promised I’d fill people in later. (I say “people” as if thousands are flocking to this every day to read what I’m up to.)

Anyhow, earlier I was checking Saratoga Local and noticed Bill had posted this article from the NYT about the South Bronx and Schoharie County joining forces with a CSA project. It’s really an inspiring read and I immediately passed the info along to one of my professors back at Fordham. He let me know when the fall semester starts he’s going to check with some students he knows of and if they are interested in anything similar, he’d connect them with me.

For the longest time I have wanted to work with students again, but in a context of my own choosing. If something comes of it, it would be the perfect melding of things I love.

It was nice that this all occurred a few hours before I was headed to Willow Marsh Farm for a BBQ, and a day after being back at KFF. I like that I have “people” and these people are farmers.


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