>My Issue With Basil

>So back when it wasn’t scorchingly hot outside I got all jazzed to start some seeds to transplant later. (if you’ve been following the blog, you should remember this part) Well I started with herbs and it ended up being kind of a disaster. I don’t know if they weren’t getting enough sun or what, but they started out great and then fizzled out.

I decided to start over. I put the pots outside, added a little extra potting soil and the seeds. This was just a few weeks ago. Today I noticed the little basil is coming up and the leaves that are showing look like real basil leaves. I’m shocked! My month old basil sprouts just looked like dinky sprouts, but these suckers are huge in comparison.

So I guess I’ve learned my lesson: basil really enjoys being outside. Next year I want to build a planter just for herbs and I’m starting them right away out there.

Crazy basil. Live and learn right?


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