>What a Turkey!


I think my son is being stalked by a wild turkey. Ok, not really, but this is what I’ve been telling him.

Yesterday Chris and Jack went to a place called the Petrified Sea Garden to see fossils. They spotted a wild turkey about 15 feet away. When they got home Jack drew a picture of it. Jack was so excited to tell me all about it. Jokingly I told him the turkey would follow him today when we were going to Fort Ticonderoga.

Well as we were leaving we drove past a corn field and there was a freaking turkey! We slowed down to look at it and then I informed him it was probably the same one.

When we got home he drew another turkey. I told him that I thought the turkey was outside hiding in the bushes with little binoculars. I asked him what he would do if he woke up and the turkey was sitting on his bed. He asked me what they ate. Then he informed me that he would cook it up some worms.


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