>I’m Sick With Barnheart.


Every day I think about having a farm. Literally, every day. I pass by places that have animals and I’m so jealous. I find every opportunity to squeeze my way onto someone’s farm. I’m not one to just invite myself somewhere, but heaven help you if you’ve got acreage because chances are I’ll ask if I can come over. I’m glad people are so gracious.

I know it will happen, I realize this. I know patience is a virtue but not swearing like a coal miner is probably virtuous too and I’m failing miserably with that.

In the meantime I’m going to keep daydreaming.

In case you need a more perfect and exact explanation, read this article by Jenna from Cold Antler Farm. (Of all the blogs I follow, her’s is my absolute favorite. She lives really close too, but I have yet to meet her.)


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