>Love me Some Pesto


I just finished making a triple batch of pesto. I used this recipe. I used it last summer as well and Chris informed me it was the best he’d ever had. This time I used walnuts instead of pine nuts (I still think of them as piñones from all those years of living in the Southwest). I had them on hand and pine nuts are pricey. I can’t really tell the difference.

On Saturday I got two large bunches of basil from the Farmers’ Market. There’s one guy who always has tons of herbs and each bunch is only $2.50. The bunches are enormous too. I think I’ll use two servings for pasta dishes and save one for pizza! Speaking of pizza, today or tomorrow I’m going to make more dough.

You can also make the pesto vegan by omitting the parm, but I would add in some sea salt to keep the good salty flavor.

So go out and get some basil while the season is in full swing, make this, and tell me how it turned out.


4 thoughts on “>Love me Some Pesto

  1. Mama Jillian

    >I love pesto too! I've been making it wtih basil, walnuts, lemon juice, garlic and salt and it's yummy! I think walnuts taste great just like the pine nuts and they are so much cheaper!

  2. Erika

    >Oh I love the garlic scapes! I just made a new batch and did regular garlic. I am planning to do another 3 portions next weekend and I still have some leftover scapes so I'll put them in for sure. This batch I added the lemon juice and garlic. Very tasty. I'm just trying to make enough to last us through the winter.


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