>When "Movin’ Up" is Bittersweet


So our friends are moving Sunday. I will still see them at the market this Saturday and I got to work with Bill at the market today. We got to have a lovely sushi dinner with them tonight, and with our cool neighbors too.

At the market, Philip (Michael’s older brother) said I was moving up on the list of helpers. This is really cool. I’m glad that many vendors and customers know me and like me. It makes me very happy. But it’s sad that I’m only moving up because friends are leaving.

Bill has been helping KFF for a long time. Plus I worked with him all year at Coffee Planet. His are some big shoes to fill, literally and figuratively. No one could truly replace him though, but it’s quite the honor to think I’m next on the list.

Don’t worry, I’m not getting sappy or wistfull. I know I’ll see him again. Hell, someday I hope we have farms in the same county. We’d be like the Hatfields and McCoys though, but arguing over varieties of heirloom tomatoes and whether lard or shortening is better in a pie crust. (The answer is lard by the way.)

So my hat’s off to both of you. May the road rise to meet you and the wind always at your back….


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