>Extreme Room Makeover

>Well we’ve been in this house a year and I’m finally getting around to decorating Jack’s room. Not that it’s a big deal, he didn’t even think about it until I started moving stuff around today and then he kept telling me how cool his room was going to look.

I may be kind of an a-hole about a lot of stuff with him, but I’m not a complete controlling psycho either. I let him pick the paint color for his room. He was going to pick a shade of orange (it’s his favorite) but then decided upon green. Specifically “Lemongrass.” It’s a bright greenish-yellow. Tomorrow I’m waking up early (which I’m already dreading) to paint two of the walls. Sometime in the future I’ll do the other two. For now I’m going to put up some pictures and shelves on the non-painted walls.

We had visions of making a desk for him too. Chris found something online that suggested nailing a solid door to the tops of two end tables. Good idea, but when I was looking at end tables at Target today they were just as expensive (or more) than the desks. I buckled and just bought a desk. I know, I suck, but I already cleaned and organized and will be painting all morning tomorrow. Someday when Jack gets bigger and outgrows this desk, we will build a legit one together.

I’ll post pictures after everything is painted.


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