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>The Great Compromise of 2010


I went with Jack to drop off his supplies at his classroom today. I met his teacher, and she actually remembered him from last year. I guess she had helped him with reading stuff at one point.

The trip started badly because Jack fell and scraped up his elbow. Not a great way to feel walking back into school.

His teacher was nice. Kids that had her last year kept coming in to see her and to say “hi,” so I took it as a good sign. Her classroom was really nice and Jack knows a lot of the kids in the class. I wasn’t as anxiety-filled as I thought I would be. I got to see a lot of moms I know too, and it was nice to chit chat.

So, let’s get to the compromise.

A few days ago I spoke with Tara, The Organic Sister. She’s awesome. I love her blog. The “unschooling” button in my sidebar goes to her coaching page as well. I just needed to talk to someone objective about school and parenting issues. She said a few things that eased my mind. She reminded me that school is just one resource for learning, and that I’m right to want to pull Jack for special learning situations as they arise. She also reminded me that the school works for us, not the other way around.

This lifted a big weight from my chest. Already Jack will be missing almost the first 2 weeks of school. Over the weekend we found out about a class in October at a local bakery (a really freaking amazing bakery) that is going to teach kids about breads and pizza dough!!! Jack is going to this for sure. It is a “school day” but Jack won’t be there. He’ll be learning something so amazing, and quite frankly I’m a little jealous!

At Christmas break we will reevaluate how things are going at school. Jack does have a lot of friends at school and he enjoys being with them. He also likes being at home. I want to trust and respect what he wants for himself. If he is enjoying himself, he can stay. If things are frustrating and defeating, he won’t go back.

There’s so much more I could say on this topic, and will continue to come back to this over the upcoming days, weeks, and months. It’s just a nice agreement Chris and I have made. Plus I like the fact that I know so many other people who homeschool, so it isn’t a weird concept for Jack or I at this point. I think as Chris gets to meet the people we know, it won’t be such a weird concept for him either.


>Plotter Kill Hike Round 2


Back in the spring Chris and I went to hike at Plotter Kill. It was fun but scary because there was still some snow and ice and the water was rushing from the melting snow. It was nuts and we weren’t expecting it.

We went back today with Jack and it was a much better time. The only downfall was one path sort of went to nowhere but it was fine and we made it back without issue. The weather was perfect and it’s good we got there early, because as we were leaving a lot more people had started to hike in.

There were a few small waterfalls and amazing views. I love hiking with my family. It’s great to be getting exercise outside, enjoying nature.

>Tomato and basil

(If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should.)

Wednesday night I took just over 20 pounds of tomato seconds home from the market. I also bought 1 bag of basil but got to take home 3 more that didn’t sell at the end of the night.

For 9 hours on Thursday I was in the kitchen. I made a huge pot of roasted tomato soup. We ate a ton and canned 9 pints of it. I had about 8 tomatoes left and some cilantro, onions and jalepenos so I made pico de gallo. In between chopping tomatoes I made 10 servings of pesto. Somehow I broke the food processor while doing this, but it still works. I know that sounds confusing but as long as I don’t have to shell out money for another one, I’m all set. When all that was done I made blueberry bread.

I was so tired by the end of the night but it was worth it.

In February, when I’m cold and depressed a bowl of soup and some pasta with pesto will be the ticket to brighten my day.

>Last Day


I think today was our last out at the farm. Next Friday I think I’m going to The Clark with a friend from derby and the fam. After that we will be in Seattle. This winter I don’t think they’ll need the help and I don’t want to do that drive in ice and snow. I made Chris’ dad’s blue ribbon blueberry bread. The weather was perfect. We had so much fun. I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone I might not see them until next summer. I wish I could be out there every day.

On the way home I took a route I never had before. I’m so glad I did. I went through Argyle and Greenwich. It’s possible in a few years I’ll have my own farm out there. The rolling hills were just overwhelmingly beautiful. Jack fell asleep in the car and I was listening to Vermont public radio.

No complaints. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

A note about the photos:
-Jack wanted to take the beetle home but it fell into the grass and we couldn’t find it.
-I adore those shiny, multicolored beetles.
-That lazy cow reminded me of my lazy dog.
-The goose that lives with the chickens was alerting them that we were near and obviously very dangerous. Stupid honking goose.
-I’ll miss the goats and that view most of all.

>Need a Nap

>Really i do. I’m so beat. Spin class was awesome but exhausting this morning. I still have practice tonight, and dinner to make before that. Dios mio, tomorrow will be busy too. I can’t complain, Thursday is wide open at this point. Two weeks until vacation. Must. Keep. Going.



Photo by “Bland”

Since last Thursday a lot has been done around these parts. Thursday and Friday Chris built a new composter. I will have a post about this. It’s been raining like crazy so I can’t take any pics. It’s awesome though. I ran errands and went out to the farm. I stayed until almost 4pm at the farm, which is pretty late considering it takes me an hour to get home. I was battling swiss chard and didn’t want to leave until I had all 27 bunches done. I should note these were giant bunches though. Huge, frustrating bunches.

Saturday I worked the market, then we went to a BBQ, and then SPAC to listen to some great music on the lawn.

Sunday I made pasta sauce, pesto, pizza from scratch, and put some beans in a pot to soak.

Today I made some refried black beans. I also finished the body of my new messenger bag. I’m debating over adding a zippered pocket on or just leaving it as is. I need to add the strap too. I’m going to put quilt batting inside to make it more comfy. One thing I hate about a lot of messenger-style bags is the narrowness of the straps. Or it’s just a regular nylon strap. The problem with this is that it ends up cutting into my shoulder and annoying me.

I’m proud of myself for being patient with the process of making this bag. With my recent projects I’ve held myself back from just completing it quickly. Opting instead to just go slow and make it look really nice. I know this seems like something obvious, but I usually get really excited about completing my projects and go as fast as my fingers will let me.

In the next few days I should have it done and I’ll take pics. These past few days have been awesome. I’m very blessed to be able to do all this. I’m very tired now though. Time for bed, I have some serious gym time in the morning.

>All Booked Up

>Over the next few months I will be a permanent fixture on the local commerce scene. Wednesdays and Saturdays I will either be at KFF, Funky Fresh Foods, or Saratoga Suds at the market. One weekend we will be in Seattle and then at the end of September I’ll be helping Jenna from CAF out at the Southern Adirondack Fiber festival.

This is just bonkers but pretty darn cool. I love it! I’ll sleep when I’m dead.