>Catching Up


Our aloe with a piece of Chris’ shirt wrapped around my burn. DIY medicine at its finest.

Between me burning my fingers and just being generally busy I haven’t had time to write what we are up to.

The door Chris built is almost done. I need to finish the staining/painting (he added some trim on the inner frame), and he’s going to add the external trim (which is just cosmetic) and cut off the shims and it’s done. The physical part of hammering in the super thick frame with these giant nails was brutal for Chris but once I saw him do the rest of it, I’m confident even I could do it. It’s just tongue-and-groove boards put together with the “ledge and brace” pieces over the front to secure it together. There are bolts and handles on the back plus brackets with a huge plank to lock it up. I’ll post more pics when it’s 100% done.

My hand is basically healed. By the next day it didn’t hurt but it just pissed me off. It was completely my fault that it happened. I’m perpetually doing things to injure myself or make a general mess.

We went to Howe Caverns on Monday and they were incredibly cool. We spent from Friday-Sunday doing difficult, sweaty work so we treated ourselves to a cool cave adventure. If you live anywhere nearby I suggest going. Wear a sweatshirt though because it’s always cold in there.

On Tuesday I took Jack to see Dinosaurs Alive at Proctors. It was only about 45 minutes long but a really cool documentary about dinosaurs and palentologists. I am fascinated with dinosaurs and so is Jack. When I was a kid in New Mexico we took a school field trip somewhere way out in the desert to dig for fossils. I found a few but who knows where they are now.

One of my best friends is coming to visit this weekend. I’m so excited. I pick her up at the train station tomorrow. I’m so glad to be back on a coast where my friends can just hop on a train to see me.


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