>The End


It’s almost the end of summer. Wow, it went by fast. I love fall, I live for fall, but this is quite bittersweet. I’ll miss my garden, but I also miss knitting and it doesn’t seem right in the heat.

Windows open, cool breeze, crickets, music filled with fiddles and banjos. Yep.


2 thoughts on “>The End

  1. Mama Jillian

    >girl we have like a month and a half before fall and remember that Halloween is always so hot here! I'm not giving up summer until it's taken away from me. I'll fight you for it 🙂

  2. Erika

    >HAHAHA! last Halloween it was pouring rain. Jack and I were drenched, it was kind of hysterical. I really am going to miss my garden though. I bought a flannel shirt today, don't be a hater 🙂


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