>This and That

>Had a wonderful weekend. One of my best friends came to visit and we ate, a lot. We saw Alec Baldwin narrate Peter and the Wolf on Friday at SPAC. She also did a derby photo shoot for me. I can’t wait for the pics to be uploaded.

She’s been losing weight and working out and it was inspiring. I think it’s one thing to be inspired by some random person at the gym or on tv but it’s different when it’s one of your best friends. It really got me motivated. Tonight I took Hershey on a 40 minute walk through the Village. I need to charge up my ipod because I’m going to go the gym tomorrow. I’m even going to try spin class again since last time my butt hurt for three days. My friend has been going 5 days a week and assured me after the 2nd or 3rd time your butt gets used to it.

The camera she used to take our wedding pictures is now mine! I bought it from her. I’ve wanted a really nice DSLR for a long time now but I refuse to pay full price for one. She got a new one in January so she sold me hers for a great price. Be prepared for some cool looking new photos on the blog in a few weeks.

We get couches tomorrow. We have couches but they are 8 years old and totally disgusting. A friend of ours is selling his couches to us. He’s barely used these couches so we are saving money instead of buying new.

I’m going to a Wool class at Cold Antler Farm on Oct 2. I’m so excited about this. Chris has the day off too so I don’t even have to hire a sitter. I’m going to go out and spin and whatnot. I know it’s going to be so amazing.

In a month we will be in Seattle. It will be great to see everyone and eat at our favorite restaurant.

Chris might get to help installing an organ (like a large pipe organ) this fall up in Queensbury. It would be surreal if by some huge bit of luck Chris could get hired to do this for his current pay when he’s done with the Navy. I doubt it, but never say “never” right?!

Ok, my dishes and laundry are done, the kid is in bed, the house is quiet. I’m going to put on some music and read until Chris gets home from work.


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