>DIY Updates

>I’ve been making pesto, which I lurve. I got a free bag of basil from the farm today so this weekend I’ll be making more. Each time I make a batch it comes out to be 3 servings. I’ve made 9 portions so far, but we’ve already eaten 2. I could probably eat them all in a week but I’m going to try and hold out. If there are basil bags at the market tomorrow I’m going to try and snag one. With my score from today that would mean I’d be up to 13 portions. If I’m good I could stretch that through winter.

Sunday I’ll be making pasta sauce. Currently I have 30 Roma tomatoes. There are more outside on the vine. Some given to neighbors as well. These little Roma plants are nuts! I won’t have enough sauce to can it but I’ll probably freeze some.

I made a double batch of spicy, garlic hummus. I’m trying to add garlic to everything because Chris recently got 4 pounds of garlic from a farm stand nearby. He got some from the guy last year too. We have garlic up to our eyeballs right now. I’m not complaining though.

I need to make more granola. I put cardamom in it, it’s fab. And if I’m making granola, I certainly need to make more yogurt too.

Chris made a compost bin. I know we already have the compost pile, but this new bin will make compost a million times faster. It’s really cool. I’ll do a separate post this weekend.

I want to make a messenger bag for our upcoming trip. I hope it turns out ok.

I think that’s about it for now. My butt still hurts. My back hurts too from picking 27 giant bunches of swiss chard today. I’m an all around mess. I have to wake up at 6 tomorrow to work at the market. I’m an old lady for sure.


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