Photo by “Bland”

Since last Thursday a lot has been done around these parts. Thursday and Friday Chris built a new composter. I will have a post about this. It’s been raining like crazy so I can’t take any pics. It’s awesome though. I ran errands and went out to the farm. I stayed until almost 4pm at the farm, which is pretty late considering it takes me an hour to get home. I was battling swiss chard and didn’t want to leave until I had all 27 bunches done. I should note these were giant bunches though. Huge, frustrating bunches.

Saturday I worked the market, then we went to a BBQ, and then SPAC to listen to some great music on the lawn.

Sunday I made pasta sauce, pesto, pizza from scratch, and put some beans in a pot to soak.

Today I made some refried black beans. I also finished the body of my new messenger bag. I’m debating over adding a zippered pocket on or just leaving it as is. I need to add the strap too. I’m going to put quilt batting inside to make it more comfy. One thing I hate about a lot of messenger-style bags is the narrowness of the straps. Or it’s just a regular nylon strap. The problem with this is that it ends up cutting into my shoulder and annoying me.

I’m proud of myself for being patient with the process of making this bag. With my recent projects I’ve held myself back from just completing it quickly. Opting instead to just go slow and make it look really nice. I know this seems like something obvious, but I usually get really excited about completing my projects and go as fast as my fingers will let me.

In the next few days I should have it done and I’ll take pics. These past few days have been awesome. I’m very blessed to be able to do all this. I’m very tired now though. Time for bed, I have some serious gym time in the morning.


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