>Last Day


I think today was our last out at the farm. Next Friday I think I’m going to The Clark with a friend from derby and the fam. After that we will be in Seattle. This winter I don’t think they’ll need the help and I don’t want to do that drive in ice and snow. I made Chris’ dad’s blue ribbon blueberry bread. The weather was perfect. We had so much fun. I couldn’t bring myself to tell anyone I might not see them until next summer. I wish I could be out there every day.

On the way home I took a route I never had before. I’m so glad I did. I went through Argyle and Greenwich. It’s possible in a few years I’ll have my own farm out there. The rolling hills were just overwhelmingly beautiful. Jack fell asleep in the car and I was listening to Vermont public radio.

No complaints. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

A note about the photos:
-Jack wanted to take the beetle home but it fell into the grass and we couldn’t find it.
-I adore those shiny, multicolored beetles.
-That lazy cow reminded me of my lazy dog.
-The goose that lives with the chickens was alerting them that we were near and obviously very dangerous. Stupid honking goose.
-I’ll miss the goats and that view most of all.


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