>Tomato and basil

(If you haven’t seen this movie, you really should.)

Wednesday night I took just over 20 pounds of tomato seconds home from the market. I also bought 1 bag of basil but got to take home 3 more that didn’t sell at the end of the night.

For 9 hours on Thursday I was in the kitchen. I made a huge pot of roasted tomato soup. We ate a ton and canned 9 pints of it. I had about 8 tomatoes left and some cilantro, onions and jalepenos so I made pico de gallo. In between chopping tomatoes I made 10 servings of pesto. Somehow I broke the food processor while doing this, but it still works. I know that sounds confusing but as long as I don’t have to shell out money for another one, I’m all set. When all that was done I made blueberry bread.

I was so tired by the end of the night but it was worth it.

In February, when I’m cold and depressed a bowl of soup and some pasta with pesto will be the ticket to brighten my day.


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