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>Chris’ Mashed Potato Pancakes

>Last night while I sat on the couch, resting the knee, Chris made an amazing dinner out of leftover dill mashed potatoes.

He put them in a bowl, added an egg, sriracha sauce, a jalepeno from the garden, diced raw onion, salt and pepper. Then he formed them into patties, rolled them in Panko breadcrumbs and fried them up in the cast iron.

I think I ate a million of them. Well, maybe closer to 8-10 but I could’ve had a million. They were incredible. From now on I’m going to make large portions of mashed potatoes so that I can do this with the extras.


>You’ve Got To Be Kidding Me

This is probably what I looked like right after I fell.

Last night I hurt my knee. I fell and it was instant pain. Now I’m limping around like a fool. I’m so mad at myself. I don’t even remember what happened except I was jamming and I believe trying to cut through a hole in the pack and suddenly I was falling. I think everyone slowed and I tried to slow down without slamming into anyone and I don’t know if I got hit but I just fell and was really stunned for a few seconds.

I got up and iced it and I think I’ll be just fine, but it’s really annoying. I’m sort of stuck on the couch with it on a pillow with an ice pack and a brace.

I can’t have this happen. I need all the practice I can get. I know people think “take care of yourself, you need to heal,” and I understand but me being hurt means less time to improve as a skater before the season starts. This means I’m less of an asset to my team. This bothers me. I know it shouldn’t but it just does and I can’t help it.

I guess it’s good in some ways. It means I need to take it easy the rest of the week. I have a pretty nice weekend coming up too. I just hate being limited by anything. It really gets my goat.

Please send good ju-ju my way because you better believe I’ll be back in the pack the moment I can.

>When Atheists Go To Church


Yes, you read that right. We really have been going to church. Chris has only been able to go once because of his work schedule but even he likes it, which is saying quite a lot.

This is quite the different type of church though, which is why I really love it. When talking to a friend of ours about it the other day he said, “Oh it sounds like it’s the church of ‘Don’t be a dick.'” I think that’s a pretty good summation.

I’ve been 4 times and I haven’t heard anything preachy. I haven’t been told I’m a sinner or that any one group of people is “bad” or “sinful.” There has been no one telling me the logistics of how I should live my life. Just all the stuff I hold in high regard like caring for others, seeking justice for the poor, being kind/peaceful, and just basically trying to be a good person.

I had looked into this ages ago when we moved up here but didn’t know anyone who went and didn’t want to just show up, especially since I didn’t know what it would be like. A friend of mine goes so that inspired me and made me feel more comfortable. I’m so glad I went.

I know it probably seems really silly for atheists to go to church, but almost 20% of all UU members in the US self-identify as atheists. I think people often assume when you say you are an atheist that you are hateful to religions or religious people, which simply isn’t true.

I think there are great things to be learned from religious texts, which is what UU members believe. I just like that I get to pick and choose what I like from all of them, instead of being stuck with one when I don’t agree with everything in that one book.

I like being with people who are intelligent, kind and diverse. I like being a part of something that embraces equality and differences in all things such as, sexuality, race, creed, gender, etc. All of the people there are incredibly nice and welcoming. The only thing I ever liked about going to church before was the community. Everything else just got in the way and mucked it up though.

I don’t think people need religion, but they need community, especially non-judgmental community. So “thanks” Jillian for inviting me!


(Please tell me you know what movie this is from! Please!)

Ok, I have about a million posts I need to get written but things have been nutso over here (in a good way) and I just haven’t had the time. I promise, soon, soon there will be so many posts about so many things. But I can’t hold back on the big surprise any longer!!

2011 will be the first year we host DIY SUMMER CAMP!!!

Our friend Jason actually came up with the idea about a week ago and we’ve been expanding on it ever since. He will probably be here June and July and will stay in our extra room. He will function sort of as a farmhand. He wanted to do this to learn the stuff we do firsthand.

Thankfully Jason is a “no-frills” kind of guy. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone. I can only have someone live with me who isn’t going to freak out if I don’t clean the toilet or who won’t be creeped out by me walking around in smelly derby clothes.

So far this is what we have planned:
-Put up a fence.
-Put up a clothesline.
-Learn blacksmithing.
-Making beer.
-Making bread, detergent and deodorant.
-Making jerky.
-Possibly building a smoker.

I’m sure other crazy stuff will happen. It should be a surreal two months. I will be covering all of it in great detail.

So who’s coming for 2012?

>Parental Frustrations


Today was good overall. Took care of my garden, did some knitting, got to hang out with HMF who I hadn’t seen in way too long. Jack loves playing with her son so when we get together a good time is had by all.

Unless I’m telling Jack to do something he doesn’t want to do, then it’s just a nightmare. At home it’s easier to manage but I think he believes he won’t get treated the same when we are around other people. He’s quite wrong. Usually I’m more strict with him when we are with other people.

If I tell him he can’t do something or has to do something differently, I try to be really nice and respectful at first, and then I get the whining. Horrible, awful, no-good whining. Then the questioning happens. Why do I need to explain to an almost 6 year old why he can’t jump on his friend’s bed? This is bonkers. It shouldn’t even happen.

This is when I begin to go slowly insane. This is when the fake-crying-for-sympathy occurs. Since I feel no remorse, and subsequently begin laughing, the situation escalates. Eventually though, I win out.

Repeat this and variations on the theme several times over the night and I end up spewing things out of my mouth that only crazy, drunk, careless parents say. Since I’m not any of those things, I have no clue why I’m saying them. It’s not even something I’m fully aware of. It’s like my animal brain kicks in and just lets loose and decides to kick ass and take names.

It’s horrible. It’s gross. It’s like a bad, filthy habit. Is there an age where frustrating phases stop? I mean, these years now are nothing compared to the toddler years but is there any age where there’s a nice ebb and flow, at least for a year or two? Please tell me there is.

>What a day!

>I got a crazy amount accomplished today. Before we came back I decided to be more focused while Jack is in school so I can get most of my work done then and hang more with him at night.

I’m so incredibly excited because we found out today that we are going to start a derby blog for the whole capital region with the other local league. It’s going to get crazy huge traffic and be amazing for our 2011 season.

I read some of the new Mary Jane’s Farm while on the bike at the gym and tonight I made potato leek soup that was the perfect partner for the cold, rainy weather.

Now I’m finishing up some loose ends so I can knit during Stewart/Colbert.

Tomorrow my goal is to tackle my garden. It’s been neglected and needs some love. It’s a right mess out there.

Zero complaints over here. Zero.


>It’s nice to be back home. I had an awesome time and will be posting about all the shenanigans soon but I’m tired. I still have pictures to edit and work to finish. I spent a lot of time packing and cleaning and little time doing actual work before I left. Now I’m playing “catch up.”

I do plan to put up a big post with lots of links to all things Seattle. Well, all the really awesome things that I did at least. I like cool things, I promise.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I have to drop off Jack, go to the gym (to work off the 3 pounds I gained on vacation), interview the Executive Director of the Holistic Moms Network, meet with the guy in charge of blogging at The Times Union (derby blog is getting an upgrade!), pickup Jack, and then call another person about an article on the Grange. Really, it’s insane.

Oh and then I’m making potato leek soup before going to a meeting at the library. Hmmmm I’m clearly mental. At least on paper this seems a bit insane. Honestly it’ll just require a little more coffee than usual and a lot of NPR on the radio.