>Inspired By Good Friends

>This is for The Organic Sister’s Inspiration Monday series.

As I’m typing this I’m very frazzled. I’m drinking one of those Starbucks energy drinks, and they are pretty gross, but I’ve already downing 16 oz of coffee and I need to keep trucking through this day. I’m tired of packing, thinking about packing, making lists of stuff to pack, the works.

But I’m inspired by good friends and friendships and it’s putting a smile on this weary face.

Right now one of our friends is over helping Chris pull down the rest of the tree. We are paying him in beer and Chinese food. He’s also going to watch Hershey while we are away.

In a few days we will be seeing friends. This weekend I’ll be seeing lots of old friends and coworkers. They are giving up a Sunday evening to have dinner with us. I can’t wait. It’s really been too damn long.

Friends, to me, are like extended family. Because I’ve lived a lot of places I have friends all over. Plus I have friends from online chat forums and such. I’m blessed to have so many cool people in my life. Good friends really do make this world a better place.


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