>It’s nice to be back home. I had an awesome time and will be posting about all the shenanigans soon but I’m tired. I still have pictures to edit and work to finish. I spent a lot of time packing and cleaning and little time doing actual work before I left. Now I’m playing “catch up.”

I do plan to put up a big post with lots of links to all things Seattle. Well, all the really awesome things that I did at least. I like cool things, I promise.

Tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. I have to drop off Jack, go to the gym (to work off the 3 pounds I gained on vacation), interview the Executive Director of the Holistic Moms Network, meet with the guy in charge of blogging at The Times Union (derby blog is getting an upgrade!), pickup Jack, and then call another person about an article on the Grange. Really, it’s insane.

Oh and then I’m making potato leek soup before going to a meeting at the library. Hmmmm I’m clearly mental. At least on paper this seems a bit insane. Honestly it’ll just require a little more coffee than usual and a lot of NPR on the radio.


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