>Parental Frustrations


Today was good overall. Took care of my garden, did some knitting, got to hang out with HMF who I hadn’t seen in way too long. Jack loves playing with her son so when we get together a good time is had by all.

Unless I’m telling Jack to do something he doesn’t want to do, then it’s just a nightmare. At home it’s easier to manage but I think he believes he won’t get treated the same when we are around other people. He’s quite wrong. Usually I’m more strict with him when we are with other people.

If I tell him he can’t do something or has to do something differently, I try to be really nice and respectful at first, and then I get the whining. Horrible, awful, no-good whining. Then the questioning happens. Why do I need to explain to an almost 6 year old why he can’t jump on his friend’s bed? This is bonkers. It shouldn’t even happen.

This is when I begin to go slowly insane. This is when the fake-crying-for-sympathy occurs. Since I feel no remorse, and subsequently begin laughing, the situation escalates. Eventually though, I win out.

Repeat this and variations on the theme several times over the night and I end up spewing things out of my mouth that only crazy, drunk, careless parents say. Since I’m not any of those things, I have no clue why I’m saying them. It’s not even something I’m fully aware of. It’s like my animal brain kicks in and just lets loose and decides to kick ass and take names.

It’s horrible. It’s gross. It’s like a bad, filthy habit. Is there an age where frustrating phases stop? I mean, these years now are nothing compared to the toddler years but is there any age where there’s a nice ebb and flow, at least for a year or two? Please tell me there is.


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