(Please tell me you know what movie this is from! Please!)

Ok, I have about a million posts I need to get written but things have been nutso over here (in a good way) and I just haven’t had the time. I promise, soon, soon there will be so many posts about so many things. But I can’t hold back on the big surprise any longer!!

2011 will be the first year we host DIY SUMMER CAMP!!!

Our friend Jason actually came up with the idea about a week ago and we’ve been expanding on it ever since. He will probably be here June and July and will stay in our extra room. He will function sort of as a farmhand. He wanted to do this to learn the stuff we do firsthand.

Thankfully Jason is a “no-frills” kind of guy. I wouldn’t do this for just anyone. I can only have someone live with me who isn’t going to freak out if I don’t clean the toilet or who won’t be creeped out by me walking around in smelly derby clothes.

So far this is what we have planned:
-Put up a fence.
-Put up a clothesline.
-Learn blacksmithing.
-Making beer.
-Making bread, detergent and deodorant.
-Making jerky.
-Possibly building a smoker.

I’m sure other crazy stuff will happen. It should be a surreal two months. I will be covering all of it in great detail.

So who’s coming for 2012?


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