>My Visit to Cold Antler Farm


This is Jenna extracting a full comb.

On Saturday I went to my Wool 101 class out at Cold Antler Farm. A couple months back she posted that she needed donations for her barn raising and was offering 3 different types of classes for anyone nearby. I chose the wool one.

In a nutshell she demonstrated cleaning wool, then taking the raw wool and putting it through a drum carder. Last we spun the wool on our homemade drop spindles that a friend of hers made for us. It really was incredible, but the trip didn’t end there.

While I was out there I got to go out into her pasture and pet Tasty (the cow she’s babysitting) and her goat Finn. I got honked at by her geese and felt hot sheep breath on my hands when they came up to me at the fence. I got to play with 3 cute dogs, eat cider donuts and pumpkin pie, drink coffee, meet some new friends, and watch a chicken lay eggs on some hay outside the window.

When I see a sheep I get an overwhelming urge to hug it. 

Jenna also opened up her hive and pulled out a very full honeycomb. Then she brushed the remaining bees off, carried it inside and showed us how she extracts it. Besides having to stand near tons of bees for a few moments, everything else she did seemed easy. It made me a lot more knowledgeable and confident about owning bees someday. I even got to take a small jar of it home.

Looking at honeycomb makes me realize how smart and awesome bees are.

When our time was done she was kind enough to invite me to the Apple Festive in Cambridge. It’s such a lovely town and although the festival was small, I had a great time. We even got to witness a pie eating contest.

The guy in the overalls won.

 Going into the day I was a little nervous because although I’d talked to Jenna on the phone once, I was going to the home of someone I really admire. When I got there all nervousness diminished and I felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. It helped that she had a copy of Whip It next to her TV and her house has silly, slanted floors like mine. I also appreciated that she had stacks of books everywhere, many of which I own or have read.

Considering she lives less than an hour away, and we have lots of similar interests, I imagine I’ll see her again sometime in the future. Make sure to check out her blog and her books too. Thanks again Jenna!


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