>The Duchess & Knowing My Limits


Today I went to my first Weight Watchers meeting. From here on out I shall refer to WW as The Duchess because that is what my very dear friend calls it, and I’m used to it after all these years of hearing to her talk about it.

I wish it was possible for me to do everything on my own. But the reality is that it’s not practical and I would probably feel a little isolated. Part of the fun of learning to do things on my own is that sometimes I need mentors, and I really appreciate the human connection that comes out of this.

SparkPeople wasn’t working. It was so tedious to keep entering everything in, and I would get so frustrated when I felt like I ate well for a day but it would tell me that I was over in my fats or proteins, or another category. I’m kind of a ass about what I eat and what I won’t eat. I’d rather savor my real, full-fat dairy once in a while than drink crappy skim milk each day. So….I just stopped tracking.

I’ve known tons of people who have had success on The Duchess and I really wanted other people to hold me accountable for what I’m doing. I need the outside pressure. Plus there were stickers at the meeting (an unknown surprise!) and I love stickers.

In just over a month I’m turning 30 (and I am actually really excited about it….weird, huh?) and I want to roll into a new decades with better habits.


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