>What Has Chris Been Up To?

>The short answer is, “a lot.”

That’s the blue tumbler in the back.

Chris digging around the stump to get it out.

He built the compost tumbler (that was actually quite some time ago, I just kept forgetting to take a picture). More recently he cut down the big tree in our front yard. A friend came over and helped. I just watched, terrified a branch would take out either the power lines or the front porch.

Then he had the immense task of getting the stump out. It took several heavy duty tools, and Jack climbing in the hole with a tiny shovel to get extra soil out. Finally with a heave-ho he got it up. Then we helped move the dirt back over the hole.

This morning he started to turn over the soil were the expanded part of the garden will be. There are some major roots under there too. He has to rip them all out.

He also made duck breast prosciutto which was ready today. It’s actually pretty good. I’m not a huge fan of the duck flavor but I’m amazed that he literally made artisan-cured meat in our laundry room.

He’s been helping me with extra things around the house because of my knee injury. He even took me on a lunch date on his day off.

He’s a pretty swell guy.


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