>Sometimes All It Takes Is A Good Nap


Yesterday I was done. That kind of tired where you could break into tears at any moment. So when I got home from the market I took a couch nap for a few hours.

When I woke up I felt so much better. I actually ended up finishing a lot of things around the house I’d been putting off. Plus I redyed my hair, which was crucial and way overdue.

Today was great too. Went to church, took Jack out for frozen yogurt, carved his pumpkin, made dinner, did dishes and went to practice.

Tomorrow I get to have coffee with a friend and run a few local errands plus more practice! I’m actually looking forward to all of it because of the momentum from my super nap.

Man, I just wish we really had a culture that could embrace the nap when it comes to adulthood. They should be mandatory.


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