>Almost Done!


I’m obsessed with RetroCam on my new phone.

I spent many hours today sewing. Sewing is a good, relaxing thing for me. I put the radio on and zone out to the hum of the machine.

I’m extremely close to being finished with my Halloween costume. The Prairie Girl dress is done, with the exception of the hem. The apron is finished but I want to add some buttons to the back. They won’t be functional, just decorative. I just need to do the bonnet. That should be simple though. Today I looked for an old bonnet I sewed several years ago, but no such luck.

The shadow makes it look like I have a black eye. Yikes!

I’m incredibly excited for Halloween now. I was a little nervous because I had so much left to do on my costume, but now that I can see the end is almost here I’m excited to get to wear it. It’s going to be super cold that night though. I wish I had time to knit or crochet a shawl. Oh well, at least I got this far!

Next year I’m making Jack’s costume though. The one I got him this year is a piece of garbage. I had to fix it today just so he could wear it in his Halloween parade at school tomorrow.


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